We are very thrilled that Tongji Xing has decided to join the Shah Lab for her Ph.D. She is going to study dynamics of protein synthesis for her graduate studies.

We are excited that Tongji Xing is going to be rotating in the Shah Lab for the next two months. She is currently developing computational tools for analyzing ribosome-profiling datasets.

Welcome to the lab Tongji!

2 Jun 2016 by Shah

Premal will be training on how to become an effective teacher/instructor at 2016 Hemsley/National Academies Summer Institutes on Scientific Teaching at UConn.

Immediately following the Summer Institute, Premal will be traveling to Austin, TX to attend the Evolution meeting.

The lab has doubled in size, again!

Two fantastic genetics majors - Albert Sultan and Darya Pavlenko - have joined the Shah Lab. Albert's research will focus on how genomic GC content influences amino acid usage and therefore protein evolution. Darya's reserach will focus on the role of context-dependence on codon usage in bacteria.

Our paper on how epistatis in fitness landscapes reduces the rates of reversion in evolution, in collaboration with David McCandlish and Josh Plotkin is out in Genetics.

28 Mar 2016 by Shah

Our latest and greatest coffee machine - Gaggia Anima Prestige is here.

The lab has doubled in size!

We are very excited that Shun Liang has joined the group as a lab manager. She is going to be our de facto wet lab czar. She is currently setting up the lab and learning ribosome-profiling experiments.