I guess when it rains, it pours! We are thrilled that NIDDK R01 submitted by our collaborator Anil Rustgi at UPenn will be funded. We will receive a subaward to study the role of post-transcriptional regulation by LIN28B-IMP1 in oncogenic signalling in intestines.

30 Nov 2017 by Shah

Ritu Gupta from Sunil Laxman's lab at inStem is visiting the lab. She will be studying the role of tRNA thiolation on metabolism and cell cycle using ribosome-profiling.

We are super excited (and a bit relieved) to announce that our lab's research will be supported by an NIH R35 grant (ESI-MIRA) for the next 5 years. We now have several open positions for both postdocs and graduate students. Informal enquiries welcome!

Sagara Wijeratne starts as a lab assistant in the Shah Lab. He will be developing computational pipelines for analyzing ribosome-profiling datasets, while preparing to join MD/PhD programs for his graduate studies. Welcome aboard!

Yay! Tongji Xing passed her qualifying exam with flying colors today. She will be working on building and studying integrated models of transcription and translation for her dissertation.

We are excited that to announce the arrival of the first lab baby - Eleanor Kasza. Huge congratulations to Tongji Xing and Thomas Kasza!

We are very thrilled that Tongji Xing has decided to join the Shah Lab for her Ph.D. She is going to study dynamics of protein synthesis for her graduate studies.

We are excited that Tongji Xing is going to be rotating in the Shah Lab for the next two months. She is currently developing computational tools for analyzing ribosome-profiling datasets.

Welcome to the lab Tongji!