Alexandra Logerfo

Graduate Student

I am a first-year graduate student in the Molecular Biosciences program. I graduated with a BS in Biology from Georgetown University in 2015. Following undergrad, I taught high school biology for two years between which I worked in a lab investigating the effects of phosphomutant proteins on breast cancer pathogenesis. Working in the lab spurred my interest in research so I left teaching to work in a lab full time. I worked at Georgetown Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center for two years, studying the role of EWS-Fli1, an aberrant transcription factor, in a rare pediatric bone cancer, Ewing sarcoma. Though my background has been largely focused on cancer biology, the complexity of the disease has driven me to pursue a better understanding of protein expression under non-disease conditions. In the Shah lab I will investigate the effects of ribosome stalling on transcript isoforms.