Sangeevan Vellappan

Graduate Student (jointly with Yadavalli lab)
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I am a graduate student in the Molecular Genetics and Microbiology graduate program.

Born and raised in Malaysia, I was fully sponsored by the Malaysian government to pursue my undergraduate degree at Rutgers University. I worked on my undergraduate honors thesis with Dr. Huizhou Fan. My project focused on identifying gene mutations required for resistance to benzylidene acylhydrazides, a novel antichlamydial drug that we identified in the lab. Working in the lab spurred my interest in bacterial regulatory pathways, and I decided to continue my graduate studies at Rutgers.

The overarching goal of my current research is to understand the role of stress-induced small proteins in bacteria using a high-throughput translation initiation profiling.


Exploring ribosome-positioning on translating transcripts with ribosome-profiling. Cope et al. MiMB 2021